Sell Your House

Fair Cash Offer and A Quick Close

We are one of the area's more active homebuyers and can work around your timeline and goals for selling your house. We can make you a fair, cash offer and are willing to buy your house in its as-is condition. All you need to do is sell and walk away. We will work hard to ensure that the process of selling your home to us is straightforward, fast, and efficient. We understand the paperwork involved in real estate transactions and will work hand in hand every step of the way.

Are There Commissions Involved?

There are no commissions involved because we represent ourselves as the buyer, and you represent yourself as the seller. Our goal is to find a win-win solution to make the sale of your house a smooth, easy transaction for you. Give us a call and we’ll show you how!

Sell Your House in Phoenix

Do you need money to move into your new home? Or do you just want to get out of your current house as quickly as possible? Here at the Green Elephant Development, we will purchase your home no questions asked. Sell your house in Phoenix and we will pay you in cash in full.

No need to list your property and pay exorbitant real estate fees. Not to mention the dragging process of traditional selling, dealing with a realtor isn’t always worth it.

If you finally decided to sell your house for cash, just call us and we will inspect your home right away. We will give you a cash offer and it’s up to you to accept it.

If you’re not yet sure, feel free to explore other offers. With us, you have zero obligations and there are no strings attached. You have the freedom to accept or reject our offer.

Get Fair Cash Offers For Your Home in Phoenix

Here at Green Elephant Development, we practice fairness in all our dealings. It’s always our aim to deliver fair and decent services to all of our customers.

If you sell your house with us, we will offer you the highest possible market value. We will be transparent in everything, from the inspection up to the closure of your home.

We never charge for commissions because we are buyers. Unlike realtors, there are no middlemen with us. This way, you get the entire value of your property.

This is a win-win situation. So if you decided to sell your home, just call us and we will give you an offer you can’t resist.

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